Surf Cafe Cookbook - Surfdock Watersports Specialists, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, Ireland

Welcome to the Surf Café Cookbook – this book is about cooking, eating and living the Irish way. From foraging on the beach to creating the perfect brunch to making homemade Baileys, this book encourages you to make locally produced food that’s fresh, fun, unpretentious and tasty. The perfect food for sharing with friends and family, around the kitchen table or on a blanket thrown on the ground. It’s contemporary Irish cooking with a soupçon of salty air.

Most of all, this book is for the casual cook who likes delicious food that’s straightforward to make. You won’t need to shop all day for these recipes, and most will take less than an hour to make. And the Surf Café Cookbook is more than just a cookbook, with advice from local producers and useful tips ranging from how to gut fish to making crafty home accessories for special occasions.

The Surf Café Cookbook is inspired by a little café right by the sea called Shells on the beautiful west coast of Ireland. It’s a place where you can get a handcrafted crab sandwich or beef and Guinness stew or a slice of tangy lemon square.

The area is enchanting, combining an atmospheric village with beautiful unspoilt beaches, and a vibrant cultural heritage with an energetic community. It’s the perfect place for surfers Jane and Myles Lamberth to create, cook and live an outdoor lifestyle, and they want to share this rich experience with you.

This is coastal living at its best.