Slingshot 2017 Whip Wakeboard

What Slingshot say:

One of the most difficult feats in wakeboard design is achieving an ideal balance between traction and speed; one is often sacrificed to achieve the other. The Whip, however, has both, thanks to Slingshot’s signature NACA Tech Channels. These precision laser-cut channels increase the board’s traction on edge without sacrificing glide speed. With the Whip, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: speed and freedom on rails, with reliable traction when edging. The Whip has a medium flex pattern which gives it a strong pop off the wake and plenty of snap off the water for big ollies.

 • Most traction in the line when riding finless 
• Fast board-speed eases line tension on the water 
• Excels at both park and boat riding 
• Medium flex great for air tricks and kicker landings 
• Big pop off the wake