Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook - Surfdock Watersports Specialists, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, Ireland

Cornish Food Adventures from the Beach to the Table.  

By Louise Searle and Hayley Spurway.

Bring the taste of Cornwall’s saltwater lifestyle into your kitchen.
Cornwall flaunts a lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with a simple, back-to-nature way of cooking. From beach barbecues to fine dining feasts, our foodie scene is inextricably linked to the coast and flamed by the passionate people who reside here. The Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook brings you face-to-face with these adventurers and introduces you their delicious, down-to-earth cuisine.
This book contains real food for real people. From fresh fish flipped straight from rod to pan, gourmet feasts made from foraged ingredients and simple lunches for carefree summer days. As well as tasty, fresh recipes inspired by the saltwater lifestyle, there’s tips on seasonal salads, catching fish and feast nights for your friends, and the best places to eat and drink by the sea in Cornwall.
Tuck in and taste the saltwater lifestyle.
Publishers Muse Media have gathered together a collection of culinary artisans who are passionate about food influenced by the Cornish coast. The result is the Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook, enjoy!

  • Full colour
  • Paperback book
  • 240mm (w) x 185mm (h)
  • More than 400 colour photos
  • 192 pages