My Apollo Summer
My Apollo Summer 
By Pierce Feiritear Illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald & Maria Murray(224 pages) €6.50 (plus special price p&p)

Fiction, for 10 year-olds upwards, including adults 
ISBN: 978-0-9543544-3-5 

A page-turning adventure story about surfing, the Apollo Moon landing and life in rural Ireland. 

Set in Kerry in 1969 

Space and surfing fanatic, Danny is dismayed when Mom whisks the family away from Florida, USA, to meet relatives in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Kerry!? It’s July 1969, just two weeks before Apollo 11 is due to blast off for the Moon from Cape Kennedy, Florida. He’s going to miss the launch and lots of surfing with his best pal … But Danny gets to craft a surfboard from wood in his Irish granddad’s shed and heads for the beach. He also meets some kids who live across the fields, including a dare-devil girl called Eilis. Danny has a few major issues to deal with, involving his family, but this is one summer he’ll never, ever forget. The book contains vivid descriptions of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, surfing and stories of Irish country life in the 1960s.