Kona One Complete Set 5.0

Simply the only One, when it comes to fair tactical racing at all skills levels. The Kona One, although designed to be a One Design race board – has a wide range of use. The characteristic subtle shape combines stability, maneuverability and control. Cruising and racing in all conditions becomes a thrill and performing classic tricks becomes a breeze. Last but not least – the Kona stands out like the ultimate school board, with its stability, soft deck and responsive rig steering.It makes an excellent SUP board, mainly due to its volume and pure surfboard outline. With its fast rocker line and superior windsurfer characteristics, it is also the best “cross over” value for money – for those who wish to ad uncompromising windsurfing to their envelope.

The instant success of this first and very unique breed of the new longboard generation speaks for itself; since it was introduce six years ago, the Kona ONE has gone from a concept to recognized direction in windsurfing world. Due to its unique versatility and user friendliness, it has also grown to be a serious ONE Design racing class in record time.