Carver C7 Raw Truck Kit With Wheels And Bearings - Surfdock Watersports Specialists, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, Ireland
Brand new Carver truck kit, this includes everything you need to change your standard board set up into the full curb surfing, Carver experience! This kit includes the world renowned Carver C7 Trucks in a raw finish, which feel just like riding a surfboard. The C7 Trucks are super 'fluid' feeling and give unbelievably responsive ride! This kit also comes with Carver wheels, bolts, risers and Carver V speed bearings. The truck kit will fit any skateboard with standard holes drilled. The Carver C7 is the signature truck that kick started Carver, it is the smoothest turning, fastest pumping truck ever. Very fluid, like riding a single fin surfboard and replicating the lateral sway you feel as you pump for speed. This truck cannot be beaten in terms of quality, many have tried and failed! The C2 has been tweaked over the years to work in perfect harmony with the extreme turning characteristics of the front truck.