Anemometer Skywatch EOLE-1 - Surfdock Watersports Specialists, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, Ireland

The SKYWATCH Eole 1 Anemometer is the new handheld from JDC Electronic that measures Windspeed. Intended for rugged outdoor use, the Eole 1 Anemometer is packed with features essential for monitoring the environment. 

The Eole 1 is not only compact and lightweight but also tough and is simple and quick to use, just hold it up in the wind to get the instant windspeed. Furthermore, it's waterproof and floats, making the Eole 1 ideal for marine uses and watersports. A sturdy removable cap protects the impeller when the meter is not being used.

Designed with Swiss precision, the SKYWATCH Eole1 Anemometer has a 2.1" (54 mm) three wind cup impeller that allows it to measure a breeze from under 1.0 mph.