GoPro 3D HERO System - Surfdock Watersports Specialists, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, Ireland

Create 3D video using two GoPro cameras. 

Compatibility: HD HERO2, Original HD HERO


The 3D HERO System allows you to combine two HD HERO2 or two Original HD HERO cameras (sold separately) into a single housing to record synchronized 2D videos that can be converted into immersive 3D using GoPro Studio software (available via free download at A synchronization cable plugs into the rear ports of both cameras to join them, enabling both cameras to record video and photos in perfect synchronization. Enables synchronized video and photo capture. Synchronized 2D videos can be converted to 3D using free GoPro Studio video editing software

  • 3D HERO System Housing
  • Standard Backdoor
  • Skeleton Backdoor
  • 3D HERO Sync Cable
  • 3 Pairs of 3D Anaglyph Glasses
  • Helmet Front Mount
  • 2 Curved Adhesive Mounts
  • 2 Flat Adhesive Mounts
  • Assorted Mounting Hardware
  • GoPro Studio software available via free download